Wednesday , May 3, 2006

Topshop Eyes New York for Flagship

It's the top story in today's WWD: Topshop is currently feeling out plans to open a flagship store here in New York, opening possibly as soon as next spring. I can pretty much already hear all the "aiieeeyyyyeeeeesss!!!!" and can see the crowds at the door on opening day if this were to actually happen; anyone who follows fashion is familiar with the fast-fashion chain, famed for its trendy designs and quick turnover. Topshop is taking its time and carefully planning its expansion, but sites are already being looked at (and rejected) all over Manhattan. And if you can't wait that long, apparently Topshop's website will be fully international by the middle of June. Okay ladies, now you can freak out.

Posted by Kat
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+ Topshop Eyes New York for Flagship

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