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Tuesday , December 14, 2010

We're Obsessed: Cary Grant (with a side of Asta), Alec Baldwin's my new BFF

Cary Grant

cary grant.jpg

Ever since Paul Newman died, I've been thinking about Cary Grant a lot.

They have a lot in common, of course- I'd say that in the Actual Hottest Dude Ever sweepstakes, CG and PN are pretty much in a deadlock, and I don't think I'm alone in saying this. It really broke my heart when Paul Newman recently perished; he was my third-harshest celeb death ever (first place: George Harrison, obvs; second place goes to Katharine Hepburn). Paul Newman is one of those celebrities that I feel like I know, or, who knows me. This is because (it seems as though) my Mom and Dad have always felt like they were a part of Paul Newman's inner circle, so correspondingly, I grew up with an Uncle Paul mentality or what-have-you.

I definitely do not feel like I am part of Cary Grant's inner circle. If it were 1935, and Cary Grant for some reason allowed me into his inner circle, I would probably say, "Kick me out, Cary." Cary Grant is Too Good For Me, not to mention Too Dude For Me, not to mention Too Dude For You. Cary Grant is Too Dude For This World.

I've been talking a lot about nostalgia on this blog lately; I've also been talking a lot about Sazeracs. Which explains everything:

1. I am nostalgic for a world wherein a dude as beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated and interesting as Cary Grant is the Numero Uno Male Box Office Star, instead of, say, Shia LeFreakinBoeuf.

2. Cary Grant is the Sazerac of dudes.

Seen below are two of my all-time favorite Cary Grant moments:

1. Fast-forward to two minutes and fifty-five seconds into this clip; it's Cary Grant duetting with ASTA (from The Awful Truth). If you've ever done a crossword in your life, you know exactly who Asta is. I'm not even going to explain that one; it's an in-joke for me and all the other crossworders out there.

2. This one is from Bringing Up Baby, the most hilarious movie I've ever seen in my life (seriously: it makes Superbad look like Schindler's List). Watch the film yourselves to see all the madcap Cary/Kate Hepburn/Cheetah antics; this "I've just gone gay!" clip is solo Cary being the most charming dude ever to existed:

And lastly, here are some mind-blowingly witty CG quotes, just to prove that dude was more than just a Sazerac and/or pretty face. TOO DUDE FOR LIFE:

"I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be, and, finally, I became that person. Or he became me."

"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant."

"I think that making love is the best form of exercise. "

"Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops."

Word, word, word and word. RIP, Archibald Leach. (Laura Jane)

Alec Baldwin's my new BFF (+ some other things)


This week I'm not majorly obsessed with any one thing, but minorly obsessed with six different things. These six things are:

1. Dreaming that Alec Baldwin is my BFF. This happened twice last weekend, after watching him on the Bill Maher show. Dude's bonkers for sure, but I'd be so stoked for either dream to come true.

2. Finally getting my hands on a copy of Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains after at least 13 years of aching to see it. Haven't watched yet; will report back.

3. Reading books. Occasionally forgetting to read books is one of my nastiest habits, so I'm on a new plan in which I try to finish one off every 10 days. That may seem like small potatoes to all you voracious bookworms out there, but I blame my slowness on a crippling magazine addiction (I subscribe to 17 monthlies and biweeklies and buy a bunch of others on the newsstand) and a severely challenged attention span most likely acquired from having watched MTV for hours on end every day after school from ages 5 to 15. Anyway, I just finished and loved-to-death The God of Small Things, and now I'm reading The Group, mostly 'cause it was really sad to be the only nogoodforme.com blogger not in on the wonder of The Group. It's so great!!

4. Wondering what the new salty caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks tastes like. Don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise.

5. Revisiting Out of Time by R.E.M. Probably the first R.E.M. record I ever hugely loved, and it might even sound better now than when I was 13. Right now I can't stop listening to "Low," but I'm having this problem where I keep imagine Michael Stipe's singing the title word without the "w" and it's really about Lo from The Hills. Weird!

6. Buying the VoteObama t-shirt I posted in the Imaginary Shopping Spree a few weeks back and then nerdily wearing it to watch the second presidential debate. Also, the house on Silver Lake Boulevard that's got that humongo Obama sign on the front lawn. (Liz)

obamasigninsilverlake.jpg lizobamashirt.jpg

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that last cg quote is from "arsenic and old lace" (my favorite cary grant film) -- lj, if you haven't seen it, you should rent it rite now. it's also the halloween component of frank "capracorn" capra's holiday series, which makes it really relevant.



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