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Tuesday , December 14, 2010

Style Icon: Jim Morrison


"Loving Jim Morrison is a lonely life" is something I like to say sometimes, in my head. I've known many dudes who fancy themselves too smart to love the Doors, which used to make me feel so misunderstood and out of place. But then I wised up, five seconds ago, and realized that listening to Doors songs isn't supposed to be a communal experience - at least not for those of us who spend less than 13 hours a day on the Venice Boardwalk. Doors records are meant to make you feel creepy and lone-wolf-like; the song goes "People are strange, when you're a stranger," not "People are generally pretty chill and whatevs, when you're generally chill and whatevs as well." You listen to the Doors alone, in your car, in the dark - or in your room, alone, in the dark, or in the light. IT'S METAPHYSICAL MASTURBATION, or something. Dig?

The Doors are the first weird band I ever loved; Jim Morrison was my proto-Timony, in a way. Before Mary came along, Jim was my most reliable means of relating to the weirdest part of myself, that "Hey let's go to the cemetery and take black-and-white photos of decaying flowers and then write poems about the drugs we're not doing and the sex we're not having" dimension of my otherwise sunny sweet-sixteen psyche, hahaha. And by "we" I mean "me," and me alone - but don't feel bad!

(FYI my favorite Mary Timony lyric is "This busted telephone's on fire/Our love became a funeral pyre," from "14 Horses." My favorite Doors lyric is "Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees in Venice/Blood in my love in the terrible summer/Bloody red sun of fantastic L.A.," from "Peace Frog." Because Jim is L.A. and L.A. is Jim, always and forever, for me. Me, me, me!)

Also I like looking at him, Jim. Him Jim. Along with being the first weird dude I ever loved, he's also the first dude I ever recognized as sexy. I still think he's so sexy, now that I'm 32 and not nine. I think he was maybe dreadful too, but it's possible I'm just mixing him up with all those mean things Val Kilmer did to Meg Ryan in The Doors by Oliver Stone.

It's cool with me, though, if Jim truly was dreadful. Hey there sexy-dreadful man...





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I so knew this style icon was on the horizon. Jim was sex personified. Always pissed me off how Oliver Stone made him out to be a drunken maniac for the entire duration of the Doors film - Jim never set a closet on fire while Pamela was in it! But at least Val Kilmer let the sexiness that was Jim Morrison shine through, he sort of nailed that. Ah, I love the Doors...

By Avalon on May 20, 2010 6:37 AM

God. I love Jim.I didn't 'get' The Doors until recently,but ever since I was little I've been in love with Jim's picture hanging on my sister's wall.I secretly think I married my husband because he looks like Jim to me.This realization hit me a few weeks ago,and ever since I have been listening to The Doors every time I'm alone.
So, good timing on this post!

One of my favorites. Love love love.

To this day few musicians are as sexy, charismatic and original as Morrison. It is a gift from the gods; pre-destined or you are born with it. Because of that which breeds jealousy and resentment for another being is better than we can ever be, no one helped him, not his dopey girlfriend who was living on his money, not his colleages ( band and label)who became very rich on his talents and charisma bec Jim is the DOORS. He could have made millions alone, but his gentle soul honored his band. Few men on earth have such integrity. The true great are indeed really alone

WOW I feel the SAME exact way about Jim & The Doors!!! "Loving Jim Morrison is a lonely life" is so true! I have always liked the Doors songs when they were on the radio but it wasn't until just recently (Jan. 2010) that I started researching them (thanks youtube)& I immediately fell in love with Jim and ever since then I have become obsessed & I want to share how awesome they are to the world but I just come off sounding crazy Lol Nobody seems to understand but you! Lol Thanks for posting this

By Kelsey on June 14, 2010 3:28 AM

I seriously just went through the most INTENSE 3 month obsession with The Doors. I couldn't listen to anything but them, I had their music in my head all the time, I kept comparing boys to Jim and I watched all The Doors movies I could find. I even creeped myself out. The Val Kilmer film is BAD. It's okay if you want to get a general story but it totally ignores the other members of The Doors and made shit up. If you want a good Doors film, you really have to watch 'When You're Strange'. I wrote a mini review/rambling about it here: http://coldcoconuticecream.blogspot.com/2010/05/this-is-strangest-life-ive-known.html

p.s. love yr blog.

p.s. I love all you people who are also admitting your Doors obsession. It seems The Doors/Jim Morrison have that something that mean if you're into them, you're not just into them, you're bloody OBSESSED. love it.



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